Industrial Forestry

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Subject:..Clearcut, old growth, temperate rainforest from the Walbran Valley on Vancouver Island. The logging was done by Weyerhaeuser corporation under Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification requirements..                                        Background:..On a cold and very wet March day on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I came upon this scene in the Walbran Valley. Once an intact forest ecosystem and one of the last large watersheds of old growth forest, sadly, this valley has become increasingly fragmented with scenes such as this. By positioning a large stump in the foreground, I have tried to convey a sense of the size of the original forest and the impact of the destruction...Camera Specifications:..Nikon F3.Nikkor 20mm ais lens.Velvia 50.Shutter:  1 second  f stop:  f22              OTher Information        ..Gitzo tripod and Manfrotto Proball 468.Mirror locked up and cable release used.                                                      Additional Information:..The image was scanned on a Nikon 9000 at full resolution with no sharpening or other processing incorporated. The resulting file was processed in Lightroom with only basic global adjustments to contrast, brightness, and colour correction applied. No sharpening was applied in either the scanning or processing in lightroom. The image was not cropped. No local adjustments, graduated neutral density filters, grain or noise reduction, etc. were applied.