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Dry Tailings #2                                                                                             Northern Alberta. Canada, 2010. Shell's atmospheric fine tailings drying field demonstration project at their Muskeg River mine. This has the potential to accelerate the reclamation of tailings in the future. Companies are working to find ways to make the extraction and refining of the bitumen found in the tar sands less ecologically damaging. Advances have been made in a number of areas. Over the last ten years, industry has manged to reduce the amount of water used to produce a barrel of oil by about 20%. However, during this same time period, production doubled. While advances are being made in terms of water consumption, carbon production, and energy consumption, the increase in the rate of production is utterly dwarfing the modest gains made in these areas.     Nikon D3, Nikkor 24-70  f2.8.  ISO 800, 70mm, at 1/320 at f5.6.  Alberta Tar Sands, Northern Alberta, Canada.